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63rd Annual L.E. Norton Memorial Tournament
at Bradley University
November 6 – 7, 2010

This past weekend, the Gustavus Adolphus College Forensics Team traveled to Peoria, Illinois to compete in the prestigious 63rd annual L.E. Norton Memorial Tournament held on the campus of Bradley University. This year, 47 teams participated – many of top 20 AFA-NIET schools.
In the end, Gustavus placed 6th in Team Sweepstakes – the second time the team has ever placed in the top ten at this tournament. Gustavus finished ahead of several strong programs including Arizona State University, Northwestern, University of Texas at Austin, Concordia College, Doane College, James Madison University, Kansas State University and University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The team also broke nine events to outrounds, resulting in two event champions: Senior Phil Helt won Open Communication Analysis and First-Year Kelsey Abele won Novice Program Oral Interpretation.

Team Sweepstakes

First Place: Western Kentucky University
Second Place: George Mason University
Third Place: Ohio University
Fourth Place: University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
Fifth Place: Illinois State University
Sixth Place: Gustavus Adolphus College

Open CA
Champion: Phil Helt
Open Drama
Third Place: Chloe Radcliffe
Open Editorial Impromptu
Fourth Place: Phil Helt
Novice Persuasion
Sixth Place: Kirsten Craft
Novice Poetry
Second Place: Kelsey Abele

Novice Program Oral Interpretation

Champion: Kelsey AbeleFifth Place: Dani Schwartz
Open Program Oral Interpretation
Third Place: Chloe Radcliffe
Novice Prose
Fifth Place: Kelsey Abele


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